ORTHODROME’s know-how in Port and Coastal Zone Engineering, Water Resources and Hydraulic Structures, results from the professional experience accumulated by the DEPZC - Department of Port and Coastal Zone Engineering and by the DRHOH - Department of Water Resources and Hydraulic Works of the company HIDROPROJECTO, SA, which was dissolved in 2012.


This heritage is present in ORTHODROME, not only through the professional experience of the partner and manager MÁRIO JÚLIO BAPTISTA SIMÕES TELES, who was director of DEPZC during two decades, but also through the professional experience of its colleagues coming from HIDROPROJECTO.


In what concerns the Planning and Optimization of Mobile Communications Networks GSM, UMTS and LTE, ORTHODROME counts with the vast international experience of its partner TIAGO DE FREITAS SIMÕES TELES, who worked for multinational companies such Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel Networks and Ericsson.