Mário Teles - Hydrographic Engineer

MÁRIO TELES :: Hydrographic Engineer

Port and Coastal Zones Engineering

Managing Partner and Technical Director of Orthodrome. He has experience in port expansions and coastal structures project design and studies of hydrodynamics, morphodynamics, and water quality mathematical modelling. He also has experience in international project manager.


His professional career in Engineering is over 30 years long. He has experience in port expansions and coastal structures project design as well as in port and coastal zones planning. He is also experienced in studies of hydrodynamics, morphodynamics, and water quality mathematical modelling, in which context he has coordinated the development of the constantly updated system MEGA-Mathematical Models in Engineering and Environmental Management. He has been frequently involved in studies and projects of rehabilitation and enhancement of the environment in coastal, port, estuarine and lagoon areas. He associates both the direction and the execution of the projects.

In more recent years he worked as an international project manager in Cape Verde, Morocco and Angola, namely in the following projects: the master plans and projects for the Ports of Porto Novo, in the Island of Santo Antão, Sal-Rei in the Island of Boavista, and Vale de Cavaleiros in the Island of Fogo in Cape Verde; the projects for deep water coal terminals, for large ships, of Bir El Har, Safi (Jorf Lihoudi) and Tan Tan, in Morocco; the project for the new breakwater and quay in the Port of Cabinda, in Angola. He was also director of projects in Mozambique and Macau.


He holds the position of Department and Project Director in the now dissolved Hidroprojecto S.A. during two decades. Along with his engineering career he was a visiting professor at the Department of Pilotage of ENIDH – Nautical School Infante D. Henrique for 22 years. He has published as author or co-author three dozen and a half of specialized communications.

Hydrographic Engineer by the Hydrographic Institute and "Ingénieur en Océanologie" by "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées" (ENSTA) in Paris. Member of the Portuguese Engineers Association and member of the PIANC - "The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure. He is also a Navy officer, having graduated from the Navy Class course of the Naval School. During is naval career he was a ship officer and chief officer in navy ships deployed on missions in Mozambique and Angola.

In 2013 he founded ORTHODROME Lda., being its Managing Partner and its Technical Director.